Abortion awareness at SDSU


The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR) displayed its Mini Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) east of the Rotunda for Arts & Science at SDSU Sept. 19-20.

The GAP project is an outdoor display featuring murals comparing abortion to forms of historical genocide.

The project has visited more than 60 campuses over six years.

GAP classifies aborted fetuses under the “national unwanted group” in the dictionary definition of genocide. The purpose of GAP is to make it difficult for people to maintain that an unborn baby is not a baby and abortion is not an act of violence.

SDSU junior Ashley Schulte said the display was a great opportunity for students to see the reality behind abortion. She said the project is important for college-aged women because they are often pressured into abortion.

CBR is a non-profit organization that develops materials, programs and strategies for educating the public on bio-ethical issues such as abortion, euthanasia, infanticide and fetal tissue experimentation.

For more information on the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform or the Genocide Awareness Project visit www.abortionNO.org.