What happens in Greek Week

Crystal Mohrhauser

Crystal Mohrhauser

Greek members from 10 chapters were prominent on campus throughout the week and displayed their chapter spirit through several different activities.

“We’ve been planning since the beginning of the school year,” said Kacie Schneider, the Greek Programming Coordinator. “It’s a week where the Greeks can show the rest of the student population that they can come together and have fun,” said Schneider.

“Through Greek Week, we hope to foster and promote the Greek community that exists now and hopefully get others interested in the Greek system,” said Adam Kulesa, the Greek Programming Board President.

With a Las Vegas theme, Greek Week festivities began Monday, Sept. 26, hosting a casino night in the Market of the Union. Greek members from all chapters could play several different casino games. Instead of using chips, participants used pop tabs that were collected and donated to the Ronald McDonald House in Sioux Falls.

Throughout the day on Tuesday, Greek members could be seen wearing their letters. By wearing their chapter letters, members could proudly display their commitment to their chapter.

Wednesday night in the Market of the Union was a night for creativity and singing. The annual lip sync contest was a highlight of the week and allowed members to use their talents to create a skit and perform for the crowd. After the winner was announced, the general public was invited to showcase their talents through karaoke.

As another philanthropy event, each chapter nominated a candidate for Greek God or Greek Goddess. Candidates had pictures taken of them in togas and placed a jar for pennies in the Union on Wednesday and Thursday between 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. All students were invited to drop pennies in their favorite choice for Greek God or Goddess. Pennies would count towards the nominee and silver coins and dollar bills would subtract from their total score. The male and female with the highest total dollar amount in the end would be crowned Greek God and Greek Goddess. The Greek God and Goddess will then select a charity that they wish to donate the money towards. They will also get to promote the Greek community by riding in a float for HOBO Days.

To unify all Greek members, Greeks on the Green was Thursday, Sept. 29 on the Rotunda Green. Members grilled out, played games and got to know others from different chapters.

“Greek Week was a good time to take the focus off of the competition between chapters. It was a way to focus on unity and reach out to the campus,” said Shonda Reed, the Program Advisor for Greek Life and Student Organizations.

#1.884995:3880336963.jpg:casinonight_cm.jpg:Greek members from 10 chapters celebrated Greek Week, Sept 26 through 30. The week began with a casino night on Monday evening, where Greek members played several casino games using pop tabs instead of poker chips. The pops tabs were then donated to the Sioux falls Rondald McDonald house.: