Join Cavorts to change


My name is Sarah French, and I was in charge of Cavorts 2005.

First, let me congratulate ALL of the contestants for their outstanding performances; it was an awesome night and we couldn’t have done it without you.

Second, I would like to extend my utmost thanks to all those individuals who put in so much time and effort to make this the best Cavorts show that we have seen. For those who don’t know, Cavorts 2005 was relocated to the Performing Arts Center for this year’s performance, and was filled near capacity (1000 people). The talent was diverse, and offered a great variety that kept the show moving smoothly and in a timely matter.

Finally, I want to express my disappointment in the drama that has occurred throughout the editorials following this event. Yes, some individuals may have done the same talent each year (i.e. singing, laying guitar or the piano). That is THEIR talent, and I would appreciate that respect be given to those who do take the time to audition, practice and perform in front of their family, friends and peers. Cavorts has been a long-held tradition and is meant to be fun as well as entertaining.

If you have any suggestions or questions on how Cavorts is run, or if you feel that you would like to be a part of Cavorts in any way, I invite you to apply for a University Program Council position. Be a part of the Hobo Day committee, or audition next year. Otherwise, keep your comments to yourself.

Sarah FrenchShowcase CoordinatorUniversity Program Council