Jacks hockey team puts on good show

Mike Miller

Mike Miller

It’s getting later into November and there still isn’t any snow on the ground. Usually snow is on the ground by Hobo Day, or it is at least freezing outside. It’s been really nice outside the last few weeks, which is really odd.

By this time of year, kids are usually outside playing hockey. But as of now, they have to stick to the indoor arena.

I recently attended the SDSU hockey game against St. Olaf and was a little disappointed. Just two years ago, our club hockey team went to nationals. This year they opened at home with two losses, 7-3 and 7-4 respectively. After that kind of showing, I was hoping they could turn things around. Against St. Olaf, Sam Shaw was the goalie. After giving up a goal not even 30 ticks into the game, I was a little worried. St. Olaf did not even have a coach, let alone many players, but they still handily beat us. At one point during the game, when St. Olaf was already ahead, they pulled their goalie.

I learned at that game when a player gets into a fight and takes his own gloves off or throws punches, he gets ejected. Roy Sando was ejected for taking his own gloves off against St. Olaf, and Cody Lewis was ejected for throwing punches. Personally, I thought it was pretty cool, because fighting is what hockey is about. It’s like racing. People come to see the crashes. In hockey, people come to see the fights and big hits.

Dan Ingemansen was the goalie this last weekend down at Dordt. The SDSU Hockey Team lit it up with wins, 10-4 and 11-2. Dordt is a team that SDSU just does not get along with, and to beat them that bad both nights is something in which to take pride. According to Jacob Gustafson, Dordt currently holds the Walnut Cup, the trophy for the league title. Dordt beat the Jacks four times last year.

If you have the chance to make it to the SDSU vs. Dordt games Feb. 10 and 11, GO! Go to any of the home games if you have the chance. If you are a really avid fan, you can get some fancy fan gear, including t-shirts. The next Jacks home game is against Creighton University this weekend. Friday night’s game is at 8 p.m., and Saturday night’s game is at 6 p.m.

Dordt is a team that both players and fans really don’t like. They are so cool that they have a “B” on their jerseys. The “B” stands for Blades, but that’s like SDSU putting a “J” on our jerseys for Jacks. Idiots!

If you made it to the home opener, you were probably disappointed in the outcome. However, I know there is no possible way you could have missed that loud and obnoxious fan while the Jacks were still in contention to win. Personally, I find this guy hilarious. Part of the reason why I go to the games is to hear what this kid has to say. To scream major obscenities at the opposing team, and pretty much make a fool of himself, is something to see. Cops and opposing teams really don’t like him, on and off the ice. This kid will be ejected this year, and I will laugh hysterically when it happens.

The outlook for this year’s season looks pretty good. Shaw still has time to turn his game around, because just one showing doesn’t mean a whole lot. But I’ve got faith in the whole team. Gustafson leads the team in penalty minutes with 36, even though he is not really one of the “bad-@$$” people.

When asked how the season has been going offensively, Gustafson said, “We’ve been getting a variety of different goal scorers. It hasn’t been one person or one line contributing. All three lines have been lighting the lamp.”