Recycling program ready for residents

Faith Moldan

Faith Moldan

While students are cleaning their clothes in Hansen and Caldwell Halls, they can help clean the environment, too.

Students’ Association’s recycling program will kick off in the two residence halls because the halls each have recycling on individual floors. The advantage of starting the recycling in laundry areas is that it prevents a pest problem, like there would be if food containers such as pop bottles and cans were recycled. SA Senator Brad Blaha said the two halls have shown great interest and support for this program.

SA Vice President Tim Wrenn said, “This will get the machine going. We need to work out the kinks.”

Working with Students’ Association on this project are Dean Kattelmann, director of physical plant, Mike Kervin, director of residential life, and Doug Wermedal, assistant dean of student affairs. The three met with the SA recycling committee to give some history of the past programs and help brainstorm, according to Kervin.

Wrenn wrote a proposal for Kattelmann and Kervin to look at. This proposal must be accepted before the trial program can actually be initiated.

“Dean Kattelmann and I asked to see a detailed plan that we could approve or tweak if needed,” Kervin said.

Kattelmann said SA needs to have the residents of the two halls agree that they want to be part of the test project.

Blaha said, “I think students need to be patient. We have an effective committee working with the administration.”

Also working with SA and serving on the recycling committee are members of Students Helping Animal Rights and the Environment, College Democrats and Republicans, representatives from residence halls and of the Resident Assistant Council.

According to Blaha, this committee, “really wants to see this program succeed on campus and is totally committed.”

Blaha also said that the committee will look at recycling other items after it knows whether the idea will catch on.

“We have to start in phases and find out what works and doesn’t work,” Wrenn said. “It comes down to whether or not the students want it.”

Students can give feedback by contacting their respective SA representatives. The committee’s next meeting is Dec. 2.