Star Wars Battlefront II similar to Star Wars Battlefront

Danny Andrews

Danny Andrews

If you’ve played Star Wars Battlefront, then you’ve played Star Wars Battlefront II.

The sequel to the popular first game, which had you take on the guise of various Rebel and Empire soldiers in several of the movies famous battles, Star Wars Battlefront II is no different.

You still play on either side of the battle, liberating the galaxy from evil or grinding it between your iron-like grasp. Now though, since the third and final episode of Star Wars has been released, you can be thrust into the battles from the second trilogy as well. So now, in addition to blasting Ewoks into dust, you can also blast droid separatists as well.

The change between the two time periods is merely cosmetic, however. The same classes, weapons, and maps show up unchanged. I guess the Empire didn’t see fit to upgrade any weaponry, change any vehicles, or basically make any advances in the twenty-odd years from Episode III to Episode IV.

If you’re a lover of the Star War Trilogy, new or old, this is the game for you. The game gives Star Wars nerds basically everything they want in one easily obtainable package: epic battles played from the soldier’s position, dog-fights in the stars, even a secret mode where everyone is a Jedi or hero character.