Debate continues without merit


I am an alumnus of SDSU and I have been reading the editorials somewhat about some people calling this one girl a racist. My initial reaction was amusement because of the ignoramus response to her article.

To claim she is a racist is absolutely baseless and tactless. Having grown up in South Dakota, I haven’t had a lot of interaction with other races, but unfortunately my first experience of racism happened right outside of Hansen Hall.

I noticed some Sudanese exchange students walking from their off-campus apartment somewhere on campus, and as they were walking by Hansen Hall, I heard several individuals dropping the “N” word and other derogatory names to them.

Now I know Hansen Hall does not promote that type of behavior, but THAT type of behavior is racism–not what this girl did. So please do not waste the Collegian’s time by making claims that are untrue and inaccurate because all it shows is how much of an ignoramus those individuals are.

And to the girl who was attacked I would say this – that the only reason those individuals would try to make a case like that is truly because they are uninformed and just looking to rile you up. Ignore them – you have no reason to respond to them.

Besides, those individuals are ones that wouldn’t have the courage to confront you in person about this anyway. So relax. Move on with life, enjoy your holiday and just hope that those uninformed individuals will get something for Christmas that is worthwhile , instead of another Xbox game that they will sit and play, wasting another semester of their parents’ money.

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