Collegian leaves much to desire


As an accredited, Division-I college and the largest in the state, SDSU should have a professional newspaper. The Collegian is consistently chockfull of capitalization errors, spelling errors and grammar and syntax mistakes. These are distracting and make the paper seem like a joke.

No one can take the Collegian seriously with captions on photos like “here is blank and blank finishing the race for the jacrabbits” (please note the lack of real names due to lack of research, and Jackrabbit misspelled).

Other more obvious errors include leaving Ohio uncapitalized. Even Microsoft Word would pick up on that. These errors make the Collegian seem poorly equipped.

The EZ Street comic is beyond lame. It is never funny, political, clever or welldrawn. It looks like it was just scribbled out in a moment’s notice, and scanned in on an ancient scanner so not only is it sloppy, it’s darker than the rest of the paper and has a gray gradient effect. It is painful to think that someone actually got paid to draw that.

How are we supposed to be taken seriously as a college with stories like “Cake Contest Held Last Week” on the front page? The back of the front page, normally reserved for continuing important stories or updates on politics in credible newspapers, has an enormous classified section (normally at the end of the paper) with type size twice as big as that of the actual stories in the paper.

The arts and entertainment section only had one upcoming senior recital and no mention of Capers or any drama productions coming up, nothing about senior art exhibits or shows at the art museum and no movie or game reviews whatsoever.

The Collegian is embarrassing.

Caroline Hallstrom &

Rockie Brown