SDSU campus has more land formations thanks to snow


SDSU campus has more land formations thanks to snow

I am sending a personal thank-you to the people who made the wonderful icesculpture renditions of the Alps. I usually don’t park behind the library, behind the Black Forest trees near the beautiful greenhouse houses, but today was an exception. I traversed some very treacherous Alpine passes that were somewhat shaped by the many adventurous trekkers before me. My young age and agility gave me all I needed to conquer those menacing mountain walls. Maybe my insurance company, too … if I had one.

Another poignant observation was that after exhaustive, careful review of our university’s spring course and undergraduate catalogs, I found no classes, majors or disbursement of Glacial/ Mountain Climbing and Equipment during my arduous trek. I was then left with the realization that were I, or some unfortunate soul, to lie broken at the base of one of those ascending heavenly spires, no rescue would decsend upon me, save the celestial angels that would usher me to the Ferry Man’s Boat for my first and last crossing.

Brian Martin

German and Microbiology Major