Attendance not always easy

Kristin Marthaler

Kristin Marthaler

As a senior at SDSU, I have gone through many changes since I’ve started school here. With each one of those changes, I learn to roll with the punches. One thing people don’t realize is a lot of decision-making takes place before something new is put into effect. So if something like parking passes or the price of meals changes, many people oversee these new actions.

However, I feel like the university was a few decision-makers short on the attendance policy now in effect for most classes here at SDSU. This policy includes lowering your grade per absence.

Benefits: it forces students to participate and be in class, keeping the classroom full. Why pay a teacher to teach to an empty room? Totally understandable. But what about those students that don’t have the time or energy to make all their classes? A lot of college students have two jobs. Plus, they are full-time students. Why should those students be forced to sit in class when they can’t keep their eyes open? If they are passing class and are turning in assignments, what is wrong with that? We are paying for the class, anyway. Also, I know the point of absence grading is to catch those students who miss 14 or 18 times a semester. If they can’t make it to class more then that, then their grades are going to get them kicked out-maybe where they belong.

I have two jobs, plus go to school full time. I work here at the Collegian (depending on certain weeks, it is a full-time job.) I also work at Applebee’s, so I can afford to live at school, and carry a full course load. For two of my morning classes, it is very hard to stay awake, especially if I work the night before and am up all night doing homework. However, the teacher somehow feels the need to make loud noises to wake up students.

First off, you are forcing us to be here by threatening to dock our grades. Secondly, if we have to sit there, deal with how we do it. I know it’s rude to sleep during class, but I’m going to keep doing it until I don’t get docked for being gone. I benefit more if I miss class and ask a friend, then if I sleep during class.

I know I am not the only student that feels this way. I can name 15 people right now who are going through the same thing I am. Something needs to change. Maybe more leeway for students before docking their grades. I realize it is important to keep those students who miss 15 times during the semester on top of things, but don’t punish the rest of us. What about saying you can be gone five times before your grade gets docked?

I’m sure there are points of view to this argument that I’m not stating, and that if I want to crab about something, I should come up with different alternatives to make this problem go away. If anyone wants to join me on this, I’m willing to go all the way. Don’t punish students who put in full effort and get the work done because of those who choose being absent from school as a way of life.

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