Student should learn to cope at SDSU


Let us start by saying it’s time to calm down. Every new school is an adjustment, as you well know, since you’ve been to three different schools. Paying for classes is always aggravating – who wants to see how much it really costs to sleep during a lecture? South Dakota State University is one of the most inexpensive universities in the state of South Dakota, not to mention the Midwest. Students from Iowa and Minnesota come to SDSU in order to gain a less expensive education, even with out-of-state tuition costs.

Standing in line is no fun, we agree. I would like to know how you suggest improving this system. SDSU is growing in leaps and bounds, and they need to keep each of their 11,000 plus students separate. They had your check. They had a line for you to pay. Nothing was lost, and I am guessing once you got to the front of the line, they handled your situation efficiently. The lines are not SDSU’s fault. Perhaps, next time you need to stand in a line, forget about the fact that this is the largest school in the state. Try another school, such as Augie. Shorter lines, larger bills.

If you’ve NEVER had to go back to the book store, great for you. Why did you transfer? Something had to have gone wrong at the last few schools. (Keep in mind, the rest of us are finding ways to get our books, regardless of the prices. It’s called a college education.)

The library is not supposed to be the central gathering place of campus. No one should be telling you that. The Student Union should be the central gathering place for any campus. Smaller campuses might be able to put their libraries in the center of campus, but the size of this campus makes it necessary to take a few extra steps to get where you are going. (Keep in mind, they have provided maps in order to assist you in finding this extremely poorly-located building.)

Free printing is well and good at a smaller university, but think of the large number of students trying to print all sorts of documents for classes. We probably kill 35 trees a day, and you are whining about 5 cents for a page. If you went to Kinko’s, it’s four cents, but they won’t let you use the Internet for FREE. It is over $20 for most ink cartridges, and, keep in mind you’d have to buy the printer.

As far as parking tickets, you are preaching to the choir. They suck. I’m not going to lie. But with the large number of students trying to park on this campus, it is necessary to regulate such activities to keep order. Buy a parking pass. It’s cheaper in the long run. Simple fact: follow the rules or you will be sanctioned.

Maybe you’ve been treated unfairly. Maybe it sucks that you had to stand in line. Maybe it hurt your corns. Maybe your books cost so much you have to eat Ramen for two weeks. Maybe the library IS too far away. Maybe the parking system isn’t fair. Maybe all your letter was is a bunch of bitching from someone who might never be satisfied with their situation in life. Eleven hundred people seem to be able to handle it, perhaps you should take your cue from them.

Stefanie FauthSpanish Major

Ashley EngelmannNursing/Spanish Major

Maggie Heiliger Sociology Major