Capers proves golden

Ty Carlson

Ty Carlson

This past week SDSU was blessed with the annual Capers performances. Every year, this variety show has a common theme in which the skits and musical numbers are performed. If you missed any of the posters or the Collegian article last week, you would know that it is based around an award show. Ranging from the Best Community Beautification Project to Most Annoying Sound in a Collegiate Variety Show, the awards were comedic opinions about certain things that have happened during the last year.

Presenting these awards were cast members doing impressions of celebrities who made news in the last year. However, the show included special appearances by favored celebrities of students on campus, a couple of those being Brian Fantana and the Bee Gees. The show included many memorable comedic skits and musical numbers such as Kate Wismer singing “All Jacked Up” as Peggy Gordon Miller and Gary Delaney as Robert Goulet making magic out of a few popular hip-hop songs. All these antics provided for a two-and-a-half-hour presentation.

I enjoyed this variety award show because it showed that we are able to make fun of each other and the many things that are South Dakota State University. I have been here at State for two years and I have learned many important things. One is if you want to let the school know what you think about things, Capers is the ultimate way to go. Alpha Psi Omega captured the thoughts and opinions of many students and in a true college-student way, crammed it into a nearly two-hour performance.

Although I enjoyed it, this performance may not be appropriate for younger children as it contains adult themes and commentary. I would not advise many South Dakota State University administration or faculty to attend or buy the DVD unless they can handle the possibility of being ridiculed. I gave the show five out of five stars and highly recommend buying the DVD if it is still available.

#1.884718:1765387680.jpg:capers04_tc.jpg:Magician Reza and his assistant astound Jesse Schanzenbach and crowd at the Capers performance.:Ty Carlson