Wacipi held this weekend at Frost Arena

Kristin Marthaler

Kristin Marthaler

A majority of the Frost Arena seats were filled this weekend at the 16th annual Wacipi Pow-wow.

While marching in, the American Indians held the American, South Dakota and tribal flags. Soldiers marched beside those who lived ordinary lives, and children walked with those who run their communities.

Vibrant colors filled Frost Arena in every direction. The Frost Arena’s floor was filled with tradition, bright colors and generations. Vice President for Administration Mike Reger gave one of the opening welcomes.

Tribes throughout the state were in attendance. A majority of the group danced in a circle, as a few tribal members sat around drums on the outside of the circle. American Indians as young as two years old could be seen dancing in tribal costumes.

#1.884652:1734320055.jpg:powwow01_aa.jpg:The drum circle kept the beat going for the dancers.:Amber Armstrong