Frey’s smashing sequel

Tiffany Haynes

Tiffany Haynes

“My Friend Leonard,” is the sequel to the controversial memoir “A Million Little Pieces,” written by James Frey.

Astonishment has surrounded the literary world regarding Frey’s first tall tale “A Million Little Pieces.” It has come to everyone’s attention that Frey, in his words, “embellished” or, in Oprah’s words, “lied” about certain events in the book.

My heart beats a little faster every time I hear mention of James Frey, mostly because I bought into everything the author wrote in both books.

Readers are thrown right back where they left off in Frey’s messed- up world. The reader gets to know the characters that they meet in his first book much better. Frey’s core- shaking writing style makes the reader feel as if he or she were there with him throughout his entire ordeal of a life. Amazingly enough, Frey’s world begins to clean up better than pots cleaned with Joy dish soap. It seems as if everything in Frey’s new life without drugs and alcohol will forever be clean and tidy, but just when the reader begins to feel that Frey is finally stable, curves are thrown the reader’s way.

I’m not sure if it is because I am exceptionally emotional, but I cried several times after reading this amazing book. I am aware of the definite possibility that not everything in this second book is true, but once again I have to forget the writer’s discretion and fall in love with his writing technique. He writes like he is thinking, which is a very effective technique because it puts the reader in his frame of mind.

Tugging at reader’s heartstrings isn’t always an easy thing, even after so many people doubt that what the author has written is true. Frey should be applauded for being able to make readers feel such vivid emotions.

Many people have written Frey off as a liar, which may be true. Whether his work is considered fact or fiction, he has a way with words and has a very powerful message to send to readers.

If you’ve read “A Million Little Pieces,” give his fantastic sequel “My Friend Leonard” a try. If you haven’t read either, try Frey on for size. He might surprise you.