Many ‘love to hate Bush’


Some people love to hate Bush. They go about talking about half truths and straight out lies to get their point across. I would like to point out a few things that these people miss.

Education is not guaranteed by the constitution. Defense of American value is.

It you want an education, expect to pay for it out of your own pocket. It is not the federal government’s responsibility to make sure you get through college, it is your own.

Bush declared the New Orleans, Mississippi and Alabama areas hit by Katrina a federal disaster area before the storm even made landfall there. The slow response was due to the local and state governments. Yes there were mistakes made at FEMA, but the major mistakes were made at the state and local level.

We are still in Korea. We are still in Serbia. We are still in Germany. We will always be everywhere. We are the big brother of the world. We help end fights that our little-brother allies cannot fight alone. Look at the UN budget and see who keeps it going. Look at the UN peace-keeping forces and look who sacrifices the most every time they are sent out. The UN exists because the United States supports it.

Even if we waited for the UN to decide to go into Iraq, the United States would be the force with the most people there and the most people lost.

Bush is doing a great job, despite his enemies trying to bring him down. Support those who support Bush and the country will continue to grow.

James Edward Walsh