Road trip reveals Redlin

Tiffany Haynes

Tiffany Haynes

Looking for something fun and free to do on the weekend? Try driving the approximate 45 minutes to Watertown to see the Redlin Art Center.

Terry Redlin’s original paintings are displayed in an amazing building complete with marble floors and chandeliers.

More than 100 original Redlin paintings are displayed on three floors of the Redlin Center.

Sketches enable center viewers to see how Redlin has grown over the years. For example, the center includes sketches that Redlin did at age 6. Even at a young age, Redlin had a knack for capturing movement and real life.

In the basement of the center, an amphitheater, plays three different movies. One of is a chat with Terry Redlin himself. He described his change from commercial art to the paintings he is famous for today.

I don’t claim to know much about art, but I must say that anyone that can hold my attention for three floors must be an amazing artist. If you venture to Watertown, keep your eye out for a painting that resembles Norman Rockwell. The painting is spectacular.

Redlin attended the St. Paul School of Associated Arts. Upon graduating, Redlin worked in the commercial art industry for more than 20 years.