Senators should be praised


I would like to express my pride in our state’s senators for passing the HB 1190 bill.

For those who missed the brief in last week’s paper, HB 1190 would remove bicycles and horses from the definition of “vehicle” in reference to DUI convictions. It’s about time South Dakota made that distinction. I sincerely enjoyed Sen. Schoebeck’s comment, which stated, “It’s better to be hit by a drunk on a bicycle than a drunk behind the wheel of 2,000 pounds of metal.” However, I don’t believe Sen. Schoebeck realizes that horses weigh about the same, and sometimes have an attitude ? granted they wouldn’t be going 70 mph, but they could potentially cause as much, if not more, damage than a vehicle!

All in all, I am proud that our state is moving on with the bill; I just hope that people don’t see this as an excuse to get hammered and expect Trigger to know the way home (a valid proposition where I call home). Oh sh**, don’t tell.

Anna SimonsJuniorPark Mgmt/LA