SDSU professors, employees run for city positions

Zach Nebben

Zach Nebben

Three SDSU employees are running for public office within the city of Brookings. Political science professor Gary Aguiar is campaigning for city mayor, while SDSU’s chief financial officer Wes Tschetter and English professor Catherine Twitero are running for two available seats on the Brookings School Board.

Aguiar said that he is not happy with some of the decisions the City Council has made in the past. He said he feels that more fiscal responsibility needs to be established within the community’s elected board and more time needs to be spent when making decisions.

Tschetter is no stranger to Brookings politics. Having been on the School Board for twelve years, he wishes to maintain his position and have a say in what involves grade-school children.

He said he feels that his experience with the School Board is a necessity in the big decisions that are to be made in the upcoming year.

Twitero, with no previous experience on the School Board, said she also wishes to have a say in subjects that affect her children, and feels that her teaching background will help her to make decisions involving the school’s curriculum.

Brookings residents are encouraged to participate in this year’s April 11 election.