Wellness Center gains final approval

Brian Kimmes

Brian Kimmes

The plan to build a new wellness and recreation center has received final approval from the Board of Regents.

The plan to build a wellness center began in the mid-1990s and will finally came to fruition.

The current plan includes an indoor track, basketball courts, a cardiovascular workout area and weight room.

The South Dakota Legislature approved the use of the funds this past session and on March 23 the BOR gave the final go-ahead for the plan.

The final design for the building has not been set. As of now, an architect for the building has not been chosen. Several different architects will be asked to submit a bid. A building committee will then select the architect in the near future.

Originally, ground-breaking for the new building was set to take place in July. However, the date has been pushed back. Now ground-breaking is set to commence in the spring of 2007 with the anticipated completion date in spring of 2008. The completion date has not been pushed back, only the starting date.

Former Students’ Association President Ryan Brunner said, “It has been a long process and included a lot of work. We had a lot of good peole to work with us, though.”