Process to replace President Miller begins

Kristin Marthaler

Kristin Marthaler

SDSU begins the search for the next president to step into President Miller’s shoes. Miller will retire next year.

An executive board made up of Terry Baloun, Carol Pagones, Tony Vanhuizen, Mary Turman, Dean Krogman, Tad Perry and Harvey Jewett spoke with faculty, students and community Monday in the Doner Auditorium. The purpose of the meetings was to ensure everyone understood what the intent was in hiring a new president, and to assure everyone that their comments are needed.

“We are looking for vision, passion, and fire in their belly that stretches from research to sports. We are looking for the best leader you can find,” said Pagones.

Next week meetings will take place to discuss what should be in the job application for the next president. Elaine Hairston, a national consultant, will be here to talk to students, faculty and the public about what the next president should be like. Hairston will then take those ideas and turn them over to the executive board to consider.

Baloun said, “We’re excited about the Ph.D. programs and funding as well, that’s what this state needs.” He had added that the next phase of looking for a president will be “humbling, exciting and scary.”

Those on the search committee for a new president are: two students, two faculty, one administrator, one from support staff, one exempt staff, one from alumni, one from Foundation, one from community, one university president and the Board of Regents representatives.

Designated liaisons will be in charge of limiting the pool of nominees that will be handed over to the executive board. They are: Mary Kidwiler for career service employees, Carol Peterson for administrators, Karyn Weber for exempt staff, Joel Hefling for faculty, Ryan Brunner for students, V.J. Smith for alumni, David Marquardt for Foundation and Scott Munsterman for the community.

Perry and Baloun encourage everyone to attend meetings next week to discuss standards for the next president.

The following questions were addressed at the meeting: What will the president’s salary be? This is negotiated between the new president and the Board of Regents before hiring.

“Presidents usually ask for 20 or 30 [thousand] more than we can offer,” said Baloun.

Are there restrictions for the candidates?

Balhoun said a Ph.D. or bachelor’s degree was not required for candidates. However, he said, they mainly look for someone with experience.

“We want the next president to have a great first day and a great last day ten years later,” said Balhoun.

Most presidents tend to be older, is there an age requirement?

It was stated that, once again, we look for someone who is experienced and can live up to their word, by Baloun.

The presidents undergoes a formal annual review and a semi-annual informal review, to make sure his or her goals are being reached.

Students, faculty and community members are encouraged to meet with Hairston next week.

Search Schedule:

Wednesday, March 22

7:30 a.m.