Communication key for new administrator


Sa President Alex Halbach

Now that Students’ Association elections are over, the new administration is moving into place. We need to keep the students informed about the constant changes in student government, as well as the effect it has on students. To do this, Kat and I are looking for new venues of communication. This report will touch on new building projects, news from the SA Senate and activities on campus. Kat and I want all students to be a part of student government, and that starts with open communication. Students should always feel comfortable to let us know their thoughts, or drop by the office to visit about their concerns.

Outgoing President Brunner and Vice President Wrenn were a strong voice for the students, and Kat and I are excited to step into the role and continue the momentum they started. We have been briefed on their recycling and Safe-Ride projects, both of which are moving forward.

SDSU has reached a monumental stage in its history. We have begun celebrating our 125th birthday, and have plans for many more exciting events in the coming year. These events will remind students of our strong history and bright future.

In addition to the 125th birthday celebration, the news of President Miller’s retirement has initiated discussion about who will shape the future of SDSU, address its challenges and celebrate its triumphs. The Board of Regents has gone to great lengths to explain the search process, and have prepared a search committee to select finalists in the process. The search committee consists of a cross-section of the university and community, and consists of 17 members. Announced at last week’s Regents meeting in Sioux Falls, two student members have been chosen to represent our interests in a new president. In my role as president, I’ve been chosen as one of the two members. The second student search committee member is Stephanie Chase, a student senator from the College of Arts and Science. As the process gets underway, I plan to continue communication about how a university president is chosen. The entire process will be completed by late fall, so our next president can take over around the first of next year.

The new student wellness center at SDSU has been approved by the Board of Regents and the Legislature. We are excited to begin working with engineers and architects to design a facility that will meet students’ needs of wellness and intramural recreation. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for preliminary design plans in the window of the SA Office in The Union.

Another exciting addition to campus will be the new equestrian center. With the addition of the equestrian team to the lineup of varsity athletics, the equestrian center will provide a place to practice and host events for that sport.

Your thoughts and concerns are always welcome. I will answer every email. Contact me at [email protected].