Drunk bus deserves appreciation


Opposed to the letter titled “Students should pay to ride drunk bus” in the April 11 Collegian, I believe the Brookings Area Transit Authority (BATA) late night program is incredibly fair. It’s not only a great program for the South Dakota State University students, but also the surrounding community. SDSU’s student senate established a fund to allow students to travel safely both to and from the bar area in Brookings. Because they raised the money on their own, I don’t think it’s a situation of discrimination by any means. According to the bus driver on my first night using this incredible service, the South Dakota State University student senate is working to establish more funding for this service. Apparently, the government is willing to match the same amount the university puts forth. Maybe instead of being so negative, we should look at the positive aspects of a brilliant program like the one right under our nose. It will no doubt cut back the number of drunk-driving incidents and ultimately drunk-driving deaths.

Paul Durbahn