Battling world hunger starts here at home


Over 24,000 people die from hunger or hunger-related causes each day across the world. Around 18,000 of these are children.

The leadership class at SDSU is declaring April 10 through 14 as Fight Hunger Week. Help do your part to help fight world hunger, whether it is this week or all year long.

We hope to make the public aware of hunger problems across the world and here in South Dakota. There are many options available for you to help fight hunger. The local food banks and harvest tables in your own community welcome your time, money or food.

Across the world, many non-profit organizations raise money and awareness to fight world hunger. It only takes 19 cents to feed a child for a day in a developing nation. Imagine how many children you could feed every time you indulge in a snack.

Even with the most obvious hunger problems thousands of miles away, your help is needed even close to home. The poorest county in the United States is located in South Dakota. One-third of the homes in Shannon County are without electricity and running water.

Consider donating your spare change around the community this week to help fight hunger. A Jackrabbit can feed the world.

Kayla MorrillMichelle BehrnsAlana BergeleenAllen HadrickMatthew PetersonSDSU Students