Tips on landing a job after graduation

Carl Deardoff

Carl Deardoff

Any student that attends SDSU has heard that “you can go anywhere from here.” The question that most graduate students are asking themselves is: “How do I start going anywhere from here?” Most graduates have a few basic questions as they look for their jobs.

When do I start?

With graduation a month away, there’s no better time to start a job search than now. Susan Fredrikson, employment development director for the Career and Academic Planning (CAP) Center, said “The sooner, the better.” It’s never too early to start finding and applying for jobs.

“The process could take well over a month,” she said.

Therefore, Fredrikson encourages students to “start now.”

Where do I get started?

The CAP Center is one place to start the search. The CAP Center’s Web site states that the services revolve around helping you prepare for academic and career transitions.”

Among the many useful services the CAP Center offers are career counseling and practice interviews. The Web site says that career counseling will help you “explore your employment options within your major.”