Students need to pay attention to lights

Kristin Marthaler

Kristin Marthaler

Due to an increase of traffic on Eighth Street due to construction, Dean Kattelmann, director of the Physical Plant, wants students to realize “safety is important. Look before crossing.”

SDSU students are used to the usual behavior of campus life, including walking across streets without looking as long as inside the crosswalk. Now, due to the increased traffic flow, students are in danger because of the cars that don’t usually travel Eighth Street. The traffic coming through that area isn’t necessarily used to students crossing randomly.

When traffic is heavy, students need to cross with the traffic lights. “Students need to yield because the cars have the right of way,” said Kattelmann.

“It will probably take a student getting killed by a car before anyone really takes it to heart, sad to say,” said Nick Voss, a junior public recreation major.

Brookings resident Dan Keimig, has noticed the change on Eighth Street, which is now on his route home.

“Sometimes they (students) just walk out in front of a car or behind a parked car. But I think both students and drivers have to be more alert because of the increased traffic,” he said.