Kitchen table holds more than family meals

Alex Brown

Alex Brown

I was at home this weekend, and I went out to spend some time with my grandma, aunt, and cousins. As we sat around the kitchen table playing cards, we began to look at a scrapbook my cousin, Angie, was making for a graduation gift. I looked at the pictures and the memories began to come back to me. One picture was of family gathering in the kitchen of my grandma’s house, around the very table we were now seated at. I commented on all the memories that we have made here. It was then that my grandma went to the wall and pulled down something I had never seen before. She had written up a brief biography of the kitchen table. I nearly cried.

This simple kitchen table, which has been in the same spot every day of my life, has an incredible story. This table is over 45 years old. It was specially ordered to meet the needs of the 11 members of the family. It came with two additional sleeves (or sections), one of which has NEVER been out of the table.

I could hardly wrap my mind around the family history that the table had been a part of. When the oldest daughter got married, the wedding reception was at Grandma’s house. There were countless holiday meals and conversations around that table. Numerous birthday parties were celebrated. Endless eggs have been dyed for Easter. Piles of church packets were assembled, homework completed, and projects worked on around this table. Every single grandchild, all 19 of us, has lain on that table as a baby. Mobiles and toys would hang from the fan for our amusement.

This old table has seen some amazing company. At one point, an entire college marching band sat and ate at this table. Several doctors, including a heart specialist from the Twin Cities, have sat around it. Lawyers, politicians and clergy, all have been guests.

I often hear the phrase “If these walls could talk.” Sure, walls may have a good story or two, but nothing like this amazing kitchen table. Basically, this was just an eye-opener for me. How we take things for granted. I love that table, the memories I’ve had around it, the ones I will make in the future. What I’m trying to say is don’t neglect the little things. It is the simple time spent with family and friends who create the memories that will last a lifetime.

So next time you are sitting around at home, think back and appreciate all the time you have spent around that table. The furniture may not last forever, but the memories will.