Drunk bus’ discriminates based on cost


In response to Paul Durbahn’s letter claiming that the “drunk bus” is extremely fair, and that I’m being negative and that the program doesn’t discriminate between the students riding the bus for free and non-students having to pay to ride is wrong: any time privileges or considerations are extended to any one individual, or group of people, and exclude another individual or group of people because of status is discrimination. Either everybody rides free, or everybody pays.

Why should special considerations be made to you because you’re a student? When you leave college, and enter the real world, you will find that there won’t be any free rides. You will pay your way like everybody else. If you have the money to buy the booze and get drunk, you should have the money to pay for a bus ride to get there and back. If I have to pay $5 to take the bus to the bar and back home, then you, meaning the students, should have to pay, too. Now that would be fair.

I was surprised to learn that the student senate allocated or came up with the funding for this program. Actually, I don’t believe that money should be raised to promote alcohol (boozing). I mean, what sense does it make to have alcohol awareness to try to get people off the stuff, then turn around and promote it. I’ve never seen a responsible drunk. Have you?

George Nelson