Dip into summer with ice cream, swimming

Christina Hoeck

Christina Hoeck

As the school year winds down, students grow excited that summer is just around the corner. Not only do students anticipate the freedom that summer brings, they also anticipate the activities that come with the season.

For many students, going to the pool is an activity that is the epitome of summer, and for others it is the cool taste of ice cream.

The first week of April marked the annual opening of Zesto’s, a popular ice cream joint on Sixth Street. Zesto’s has been a part of the Brookings culture since 1950 and is a favorite stop of SDSU students in the spring and summer.

“Most of our business comes from students who just walk up from campus,” said Zesto’s manager Craig Vis. “It’s a privilege being located so close to the school.”

Zesto’s has a variety of flavors of ice cream and parfaits. The Snickers peanut butter parfait is popular among students, Vis said.

“I love the parfaits at Zesto’s … all the flavors are delicious,” said freshman Ashley Westerman.

Dairy Queen is another popular ice cream spot for students during the season. The restaurant offers a variety of ice cream flavors and special treats like Blizzards, parfaits and ice cream cones.

Many students also like the fact that there is a swimming pool located nearby.

A new water park is under construction on Sixth Street. Set to open in late May, it will feature a pool and water slides.

“I can’t wait to come back this summer and check it out,” said Westerman.