Nordbye charged with mail theft

Kristin Marthaler

Kristin Marthaler

Former SDSU custodian April Nordbye has been indicted on federal charges of theft of mail matter and obstructing correspondence in connection with mail theft at SDSU.

In the indictment filed April 19 with the U.S. District Court in Sioux Falls, Nordbye was charged with one count of theft of mail matter and one count of obstructing correspondence. Each charge carries a maximum sentence of five years in federal prison. A court date for Nordbye to appear on the charges has not yet been set.

Nordbye, 25, is currently being held in the Women’s Prison in Pierre, for violating her probation on unrelated charges.

The charges are the result of an investigation by the University Police Department. The investigation began in December when students in Binnewies and Young residence halls complained about missing mail. The investigation, led by UPD Detective Brett Spencer and U.S. Postal Inspector Joe Schneiders, uncovered more than 100 victims. Students’ letters, gift cards and money were stolen.

“I think it was really low to steal money from kids who got money from their mom and dad,” said Anthony Abeln, a Binnewies resident, who was a victim of the crime.

When asked if he was relieved to see Nordbye charged, Chief Tim Heaton of UPD said, “I don’t put emotions behind it. I got a job to do and we do it. It’s all part of doing our job.”

In the March 21 Collegian, Michael Kervin, director of Residential Life, said changes had been made to prevent student’s mail from being stolen in the future. “We are currently changing the way our system works,” said Kervin.

“We are having two people work the mailroom at the same time, all the time. They are the only ones with keys and the only ones allowed in the room.”

Nordbye was charged previously with passing a check against insufficient funds, in the first degree,” a class 6 felony. Part of Nordbye’s probation was to not gamble, not be present where illegal activity occurs and not be present where gambling or video lottery machines were present, including bars and casinos.

Since Nordbye did not tell her probation officer she had been investigated by the UPD, she was in violation of probation, hence serving time in Pierre.