Hollywood depicts college life

Ali Brown

Ali Brown

Movies about college usually focus on the parties and Greek life on university campuses. From the classic party movie “Animal House” to the more recent “Old School,” SDSU students weighed in on their favorite movies about college life.

“Animal House” 1978 – R National Lampoon’s “Animal House” is about the Deltas, a fraternity of misfits at Faber College. Rent this to see a toga party and John Belushi in the now famous “COLLEGE” shirt.

“Animal House is my favorite college movie,” said Nate Graff, a sophomore political science major. Two of his favorite parts are “when they have the toga party, and John Belushi smashing the guy’s guitar and handing it back to him.”

“Old School” 2003 – R Three guys in their mid-30 (Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn and Luke Wilson) relive their college days by starting a fraternity at their old college.

“I like this movie because it’s funny and it shows some of the crazy, wild and funny things that usually go on at college campuses,” said Kathy Glanzer, a senior biology major.

“Van Wilder” 2002 – R Van Wilder (Ryan Reynolds) is in no rush to graduate after seven years of college. But when his father stops paying his tuition, Van has to find a way to pay or say goodbye to his college lifestyle. Tara Reid plays a reporter writing a front-page article about Van, and Kal Penn (“Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle”) plays Van’s assistant, Taj.