School bonds help deal with loss

Editoral Board

Editoral Board

At issue:SDSU recently said goodbye to one of its own and is now preparing to say goodbye to its leader

Our view:The SDSU community has an unbreakable bond that allows for comfort even in the biggest of losses.

There are times that try our souls. Losing a beloved leader is such a time. Losing a dear friend is another.

With President Peggy Miller retiring, we look to a future without a leader well-loved by both friends and foes. We will miss her spunky soul, southern accent and heart of gold.

But we press on. A batch of replacements will hit the campus in mid-September. A perfect chance for us to touch the future of the school.

A president is a small version of who we want to be as a campus. We must look for someone with a big mind, open heart and huge dreams.

Miller’s resignation is bittersweet. She’s brought much good to this campus. Yet she must do what she thinks is right.

But Caldwell Hall resident assistant Karmen Lafrentz’s passing is simply a bitter blow.

She’s gone. Just when we expected to see her for another year. That in itself is tragic. We can do nothing but grieve with her husband, Michael, and the rest of her family and friends.

With them, we pledge to never forget those we love. Those who touch our lives.

This year brings many changes and challenges. A big November ballot filled with loaded issues. A good chance at an athletic conference. A search for a leader.

At the center of SDSU lies the beating heart of a strong community. Through pain and growth, we live together, side by side.

We’re a family, bound by relationships that will not falter or fade. Even when we’re apart.