As one of the most loyal readers of The Collegian for the past six years, I want to congratulate The Collegian for starting the year off right. Nothing kicks off a school year better than suing the Regents. Keep fighting the good fight and working to make sure the students are informed about the issues.

That said, I do have one criticism. Isn’t the entire point of a “Left/Middle/Right” column to show how the different sides disagree with each other? Why, then, on the topic of the death penalty, did everyone agree!?!

Yes, people on the left support the death penalty, and yes, people on the right can oppose it, but after reading The Collegian, the Left and Right are all but singing. “kumbaya, my Lord, kumbaya.”

If I wanted a one-sided discussion of the issues posed as being “fair and balanced,” I’d watch Fox News, thank you very much.

Eric NovotnyPhilosophy, ethics and religion