Student Health offers care plan to students

Jen Jungwirth

Jen Jungwirth

Rachel Reed, a psychology senior, knows how financially difficult it can be to be a college student. But when unexpected health costs arose, Reed’s financial stability worsened because she couldn’t afford health insurance.

“Health insurance is just too expensive,” said Reed. “It is a really big burden.”

Reed recently had a colonoscopy, which sent her into a $6,000 medical debt. However, being 23, she is not eligible to be covered on her parents’ plan. With the high cost of insurance, Reed finds it difficult to balance a school bill and medical costs.

“If something goes wrong, nothing else seems to matter,” said Reed. “The stress brings you down. You have to pay for college and also try to stay healthy. If there is something potentially wrong with you, there is no way to get assistance. It makes me more frustrated. Everything revolves around money.”

Like Reed, many students can’t afford adequate health insurance. Some are already covered under their parents’ plan, but for those who are not, finding the funds can be difficult.

As a result, SDSU Student Health and Counseling Services has come up with an alternate plan to assist students in need of health insurance.

Tammy Loban of Student Health said students can come to the office to learn more about the policy and pick up brochures.

“The plan is designed for students,” said Loban. “We allow them to either pay per semester or for the whole year in advance, in order to provide a more manageable plan.”

Freshman pre-med and biology major Crystal Makousky has found Student Health’s insurance plan to be beneficial.

“I am in the process of getting health insurance,” said Makousky. “I’m going through the school, and they make it more affordable for students.”

Loban said a fair number of students is signed up for insurance plans; however, many still do not realize it exists.

However, students must be reminded that university health plans have limitations and exclude items that are covered on regular insurance plans.

The SDSU insurance plan is approved by the Board of Regents and provides eligibility for all undergraduate domestic students taking five or more credit hours, all graduate students taking credit hours and all students seeking doctoral degrees taking credit hours. All international students are required to purchase the insurance plan upon attending SDSU.

Anyone interested can purchase the plan at the health office or online at