Lawn games are easy, fun to play

Lucinda Albers

Lucinda Albers

Even though summer is ending, college students still have an interest in outdoor games.

“Playing is a good way to relax and get my mind off classes for a while,” said Ross Mielke, a junior mechanical engineering major.

Mielke and his roommates built two bean bag boards from plywood leftover from house renovations. Mielke thinks outdoor games like the bean bag toss are popular because they give students a chance to be active and social.

Jeremy Klein, a freshman psychology major, agrees.

“It brings people together and it’s an easy game that doesn’t require too much skill.”

Games such as a bean bag toss or ladder golf can be seen at many off-campus residences.

“I also like to play golf and throw the occasional horseshoe,” said Klein.

Socializing isn’t the only plus to having easy, outdoor games.

“I think if you can drink while playing any game, its probably popular among most college students,” said Mielke.

Follow these simple instructions to enjoy a fun game like bean bag toss.

Grass Game: The Bean Bag Toss

The competitors: Two teams of one or two players

Set up: Two bean bag boxes must be set up facing each other, with 30 feet between the centers of the holes in each box. The minimum playing area is about eight feet wide by 38 feet long. The game boxes are constructed of three-quarter-inch plywood so that the bags, when thrown, will not bounce. Thinner plywood may be used if reinforced on the The box is approximately 24 inches wide, and between 36 and 48 inches long. The bottom of the box should be between two and five inches from the ground. The hole, with a diameter of six-and-six and 3/8 inches, is centered in the box, and between nine and fourteen inches from the top.

Beanbags should be six-by-six inches in size. The fabrics should be strong with stitching done with upholstery or similar-strength thread. They should be filled with popcorn or a similar-weighted grain. Beans and field corn will erode and eventually become powder. The total weight should be between 14.5 and 16 ounces.

Playin’ the game: A coin flip usually determines the first team to throw. After that, the team that scored most recently will always throw first. Players alternate throwing the bags from either side of their box, but cannot step past the front of their box.

Points are counted only after all of the bags are thrown. A bag that lands on the box counts as one point. Three points are given to bags landing in the hole. After each member has gone, both teams tally their points. The team with the highest number of points subtracts the other teams’ points, resulting in the score for the match.

Be a winner: The first team to score 21 points wins. However, they must have a two point lead for the game to end.

#1.884288:1318870439.jpg:lawngames02.jpg:From left to right: Ross Mielke, Corrie Dickmeyer and Jeremy Klein are playing a game of bean bag toss.: