UPC helps Adopt-A-Highway

Jason Mann

Jason Mann

Students are encouraged to volunteer for the annual Adopt-A-Highway, Thursday, Sept. 28, sponsored by the University Program Council.

Adopt-A-Highway is sponsored by the South Dakota Department of Transportation. Through it, people volunteer to clean up small sections of state highways and interstates. Volunteers are asked to pick up trash in the ditches, and if they run across anything suspicious, like items used to make methamphetamine, they are asked to call their local authorities to come dispose of the items.

The program is important in South Dakota because it helps to keep the state looking clean and benefits everyone, no matter where he or she lives.

Amanda Maffett, community service coordinator for the UPC, said students don’t have to be part of another group to take part in the highway clean-up.

“We’ll take anyone,” she says.

Eryn Falvey, a sophomore broadcast journalism major, said she wants to help.

“I’ve been looking for a way to volunteer, and I like that this is a one night commitment.”

Interested students can sign up in the UPC office, located in the Student Union.

Volunteers will then meet outside the UPC office at 5 p.m. on Sept. 28 and clean a stretch of highway near Arlington.

If anyone has questions, they are asked to call the UPC office at 605-688-5524.

Also, any groups or individuals interested in volunteering with the Adopt-A-Highway program that are unable to volunteer with the UPC on Sept. 28 are invited to call the Huron Area DOT at 605-353-7140 for information.

#1.884278:2127407036.jpg:Adopt-a-highway.jpg:The University Program Council has adopted a piece of the highway about 12 miles west of Brookings. This program helps control litter along South Dakota’s highways. :Christy Wey