Candidate forums give all a chance to pick our new leader

Editoral Board

Editoral Board

This is your time.

On Sept. 14 and 15, four men are on campus to speak with all of us: David Chicoine, Norval Pohl, Colin Scanes and William Marcy.

One of them will be SDSU’s next president.

At your forum, you have the right – the responsibility – to help select the next leader of this university.

This means you. Whether you are students, faculty, community, alumni or staff.

SDSU will not be the same without outgoing President Peggy Miller.

Nor should it be. The new president will change this university, even as we will put form to his dreams for our future.

The next leader will be our face, our voice. The forums are a chance to choose that man.

We have come far. But there remains much to be done.

We must ask him who he is. We must ask him how he thinks. We must ask him how he leads.

But we must ask the questions that will reveal his heart, his soul. He must look for dreams to match our own.

No one can deny our future is bright. Let no one deny we took the small chance we had to help choose this university’s new president.