Last week’s ‘gay-bashing free-for-all’ display does nothing but harm


Tasiyagnunpa Livermont

To be honest, I was not on campus to see the display against homosexuals last week. Maybe more helpful, however, I heard about it from a non-Christian, SDSU student voter who chalked the whole thing up as one more assault on his liberal ideology. While spending over 45 minutes discussing Amendment C with this distraught person ready to condemn all things “Christian,” I realized all over again how Satan is into subtlety.

Not often does Satan show up, complete with red tights and barbed pitch fork and say, “Hi, I’m Satan. I’m out to kill, steal and destroy.”

Instead, he sometimes shows up as a bunch of possibly well-meaning religionists who worry more about what homosexuals might be plotting than how they, themselves, might be jeopardizing the most important ballot issue.

I promise this isn’t another one of my diatribes on my pet issue–Referred Law 6 (vote Yes!! by the way.)

No, this encompasses a much bigger issue-modern-day Pharisees worried more about maintaining the status quo than what God is truly interested in-people.

Jesus spent his days on earth healing the sick, giving hope to the sinner and restoring life to the dead. Jesus had only love and mercy for a woman suffering from a uterine disease. Her constant bleeding and discharge made her an outcast and, in the religious realm, ceremonially unclean. When she touched the hem of his robe, healing flowed from him and he stopped a parade to seek her face and speak words of encouragement to her.

This is the same Jesus who when Pharisees brought to him a women caught in the very act of adultery, he refused to stone and instead, forgave.

This is the Jesus that enraged the religious leaders of the day, because of his disdain for the humanized version of what had been divine law.

Every time Amendment C proponents publicly humiliate homosexuals, Satan is pleased as punch. Don’t misunderstand me. I believe homosexuality is a sin, but I also believe that singling out homosexuals as the proponents of Amendment C seemed to do on campus last week, is sin.

Jesus came to save, not to humiliate, the sinner. Did these so-called Christians forget the commands to love others, and that we, ourselves, should not judge others? The Bible also says that Christians fight not against flesh and blood, but against the powers of the unseen world. Our real fight is with Satan, not other humans. Pointing our finger at people in a horrific public protest does humanity nothing but harm.

Besides making a mockery of sinners, it leaves the pro-life SDSU group, Jacks For Life, defending itself, because it had nothing to do with the hate-mongers.

I believe encouraging voters to respect life at a micro-level should begin with we, as modern day disciples of Jesus, respecting the adults already among us. I myself will vote for Amendment C; however, I will not participate in this gay-bashing free-for-all on my way to the polls.

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