Students’ Association condemns Amendment E

Jeremy Fugleberg

Jeremy Fugleberg

The Students’ Association overwhelmingly passed a resolution condemning Amendment E at its weekly meeting Sept. 25.

“It’s just garbage legislation,” said at-large Senator Sam Nelson.

The amendment is meant to create a way to hold judges accountable for their actions, according to its supporters.

Government bodies across the state, including both parties, have joined together to attack the amendment. They fear it is written so broadly that any official could be brought before a court for any action.

“Why does this affect us,” said Nelson. “Well, we’re technically local government. We could be sued.”

Several senators also spoke in opposition of the bill.

“It’s patently reprehensible,” said at-large Senator Justin Goetz.

Nelson said the resolution would allow SA to push for opposition to the amendment. The SA will issue a press release, hang posters and hand out flyers, he said.