From the Right: Abortion

Elizabeth Gorder

Elizabeth Gorder

When the allied forces liberated Germany, I thought that was the end of genocide, but not even half a century later, nine men in black legalized the liquidation of America’s future under the guise of “choice.”

I’m sick of the pro-abortion people saying they’re pro-choice. It’s just a way of covering up what abortion really is. I definitely agree that a woman has every right to control her body and what she does with her body before she becomes pregnant. But once she becomes pregnant, there is another body and the parents need to take responsibility for that. Right now, our laws don’t protect that. Our Constitution guarantees us all the right to life, and our laws need to start protecting this most basic and fundamental human right.

Many people say it’s OK for a mother to murder her baby if she was raped; however, only one percent of babies are killed because of rape or incest. Even so, an abortion is not going to take away the fact that she was raped, and there are many couples waiting to adopt. An innocent child should never be punished for what someone else did.

Someday, we’ll look back at what’s happened, the millions of lives gone and the millions of mothers affected with depression, cancers and emotional problems, in horror. We’ll wonder how abortion can be kept legal for so long, when not one good thing can come out of it. Another thing to think about: the number of Jews slaughtered during the Holocaust was six million, and the number of babies slaughtered in the United States ads up to over 40 million. How can one be called genocide and not the other?

I’ve never been able to understand why liberals and democrats are pro-choice because quite frankly they’re killing off their base. Pro-lifers, you get pro-lifers. Pro-choicers, you get nothing.