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Kara Lindquist

Kara Lindquist

Dear Kara,

My friend told me when she gives her boyfriend head it take him under 5 minutes to get off. It always takes me at least a half hour! What am I doing wrong?

–BJ challenged

Dear Challenged,

Well unless I come and watch you in action I can’t really tell you for sure. Since that would be undoubtedly creepy, I’ll give you a few of the options.

For one, it may not be you. Your guy may be penile challenged, yay! Some guys just don’t get all that excited about a blow job. I have a friend who has NEVER gotten off from one, and he’s been given plenty. If this is the case, just stop now and find another way, because quite frankly, it would be annoying. Having a girl bobbing around for hours, and only ending up with a giant hickey on his dick to show for it does not sound like a good time.

Now, this solution may be the best for your self-esteem, but its not very probable. He may be holding it in so you’ll go longer. Still not very likely.

However, if this is what’s goin’ on tell him to cut it out or you will. The issue may have to deal with how much action he gets, the more deprived he is, the faster he’ll blow his load. More promising, but not the most obvious answer.

So here it is. Sucking a guy off just isn’t a strong suit for some girls. It’s a shocker, I know! You could try varying your routine, and when he likes something stick with it. Other than that I can’t help you too much, because I’d rather not watch you two in action. So: Yeah, guys like different things yada, yada, but if you can’t get the job done in ten minutes or less, don’t bother.

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