SDSU art display at coffee shop

Erik Ebsen

Erik Ebsen

SDSU students have used their artwork to decorate buildings all over campus. Now their talent is spilling over into the community.

Cottonwood Coffee recently displayed an exhibit featuring student artwork. Some of the pieces are for sale. The current series of works will remain on the walls until October.

The SDSU Art Club sponsored and organized the affair, said Norman Gambill, head of the visual arts department. He then approached Cottonwood with the idea.

“I was a go-between,” he said.

Cottonwood liked the idea, and the art went up Sept. 4. Before decorating the walls with art, the shop had “a lot of empty space without anything to look at,” said Stefan Limmer, manager at Cottonwood.

“We always planned on doing it,” he said.

Cottonwood’s interior compliments artwork well, becaust it is new and has great space, Gambill said. He said it’s not unusual for a coffee shop like Cottonwood to feature art on its walls.

“The first thing I said when I came in here was, ‘This place needs art on the walls.’ Now I guess they have it,” said Brent Hardie, a junior global studies and journalism major. Organizing the exhibit prepares members of the Art Club for their future careers, said Gambill. In planning and orchestrating the exhibit, they’re doing what they’ll be doing for their career.

Student artists featured are Al Constanzo, Kristin Dalton, Eileen Hall, Angie Jennings, and Klaire B.L. Pearson.

Cottonwood plans to continue hanging art after October. A new series will then replace the works currently hanging inside.

#1.884290:3777345467.jpg:artshow01.jpg:Jennifer Tiernan, a professor in the Journalism Department, is enjoying the artwork displayed at Cottonwood Coffee.:Lena Thompson