Unforgettable Games


My first year playing in the Hobo Day game, I had one of the best games of my career and came out with a win. Hobo Day is always a blast and I can’t wait for this weekend. -Marty Kranz, linebacker

The Missouri-Rolla football game. We broke the school rushing record and had three running backs rush for more than 100 yards. -Anthony Watson, running back

The game against St. Cloud State in 2003. We won the game with a late interception and the sideline went wild. -Jeff Hegge, free safety

My favorite Hobo Day memory is from all the Hobo Days I have been a part of since I was young. I love the atmosphere, the crowd and for the past few years, playing in the game. -Dan Dykhouse, tight end

The 2003 Hobo Day game versus St. Cloud State. Thanks to Scott Connot’s interception, out victory was sealed. I can still picture Blake Seeds carrying Scott off of the field after that play. -Dusty Snyders, wide receiver

The Missouri-Rolla game. The opening kickoff return in the snow. We returned it about 40 yards. -Scott Breyfogle, strong safety