Letter to the Editor: Admendment C wording


I was very frustrated on how The Collegian handled the issue of Amendment C last week. Yes, gay marriage is mentioned. However, there is more to it, the exact words on the ballot are, “Amendment C would amend the State Constitution to allow and recognize marriage between a man and a woman.

It would also prohibit the Legislature from allowing or recognizing civil unions, domestic partnerships, or other quasi-marital relationships between two or more persons regardless of sex.”

This wording was very specifically placed in this amendment by the state’s legislature, and I don’t know if failure to mention this second sentence was intentional or merely by accident. Regardless, it is a mistake that never should have happened.

Our voters depend heavily on the printed press to inform them on the issues, and if only half of the story is printed then they are under informing the populous, and holding them back from making an educated decision.

The truth is, Amendment C has very little to do with gay marriage, because whether this amendment is passed or not, gay marriage will continue to be illegal in South Dakota as it has been since 1996.

The wording of the amendment has more potential to hurt heterosexuals then it does homosexuals. In both Ohio and Michigan, amendments like C have had serious repercussions on the health insurance and domestic abuse charges.

Voters, before voting on Amendment C, please read it in its entirety and make an informed decision.

Krystal M. LynneJunior, political science/history