Regents approve five more courses for Sioux Falls center

Associated Press

Associated Press

State universities will begin offering another five academic programs at the South Dakota Public Universities & Research Center in Sioux Falls. The Board of Regents, at a meeting Oct. 19, approved four majors to be offered by South Dakota State University: construction management, geographic information systems, graphic design and psychology.

The University of South Dakota will offer a major in economics.

“With the amount of building and construction taking place in the Sioux Falls area and the fact that the major has experienced double-digit growth in the last four years on the SDSU campus, the decision to offer a construction management major at Sioux Falls was quite obvious,” Regents President Harvey C. Jewett said in a statement.

The other three SDSU courses also will meet growth in those professions, he said.

“Economics is a strong major and it just makes sense to offer it in Sioux Falls. It is a foundation major that will benefit you no matter what career path you choose,” said Regents Executive Director Tad Perry.