Letter to the Editor: Abortion


It is really sad that the only responses ever made in support of abortion are emotional ones and not rational or logical ones. The fact is that the embryo is living and growing so it is alive. The embryo is composed entirely of human DNA, so it is human. So it is living and human and therefore a human life.(Logic 101)

These discussions of ‘women’s rights’ are just emotional, power-hungry statements to compensate for the unjust treatment that women received in the past such as not being able to vote or have a role in government.

So is abortion ‘rights’ reparation for those injustices of the past? Is that really what women want, the ability to kill the living, human life that is part of them but is also another human life? People inevitably will bring up rape and incest as if the conditions under which the life is brought about invalidates the baby’s right to “LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Should children born from rape or incest be cast into the alley, abused or abandoned? Also the comment about “What kind of life awaits the sixth child born to a 26 year old meth addict?” makes me wonder what do you think about the value of the life of the other five children already born? Should they be abandoned or forgotten?

People have risen above their bad upbringings and gone on to contribute a lot to society. Abortion is not just about the importance and value of the unborn, but goes deeper into the mindset of how people value all human life.

I value every single life and I ask you to do the same and vote to support HB1215.

John P. PullisPlant Science Grad Student