From the Right: War on Terror

Elizabeth Gorder

Elizabeth Gorder

I am proud of the job our troops are doing in the War on Terror, and I agree with the president that we need to stay the course in Iraq. Our men and women are fighting the War on Terror, and we cannot withdraw the troops until victory is achieved.

There have been many sacrifices and lives given for many Americans and also the Iraqi people. The troops who are there should be given what they need: the money, the equipment and the support to make sure we defeat the ones who have threatened to kill us. The Democrats voted against the authorization of monies to fund the war.

This is just ridiculous. They put the troops in danger just because they’re playing politics. They don’t support the president so they won’t support the war or keeping our troops safe.

America cannot back out, because the terrorists want to kill us. We cannot leave until we have completed what we have set out to do. Our troops are overseas because the terrorists declared war on us, and we need to stick with it and make sure we win.