Cameras police Union entrances

Erin Schaller

Erin Schaller

Every day thousands of students and numerous staff members of SDSU walk through the doors of The Union.

Unannounced to them is the fact that they are being recorded. On the walls near the main entrances sit video cameras that are recording the use of the building 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Union staff installed the cameras after the theft of several thousands of dollars worth of technical equipment.

“Hopefully the cameras will deter illegal activity and protect the students,” said Jennifer Novotny, director of The Union. The theft is still under investigation by the University Police Deparment.

“The plan for the cameras went into action in late August,” said Novotny. “They were not in the original plan of the building and are also, at this point, just a test. When they are permanently placed there will be signs indicating that they are there.”

Currently there are two cameras, but Novotny said, “More will be added at the main entrances and exits.”

When asked how she felt about being videotaped, Dnye