Phelps: Aguiar wrote column

Jeremy Fugleberg

Jeremy Fugleberg

A lawsuit against an SDSU professor now involves another professor as well.

Two doctors are claiming Brady Phelps, a professor of psychology, defamed them in an April 1 column in the Brookings Register that raised ethical questions about Brookings Mayor Scott Munsterman.

Munsterman was running for re-election, and his opponents included Gary Aguiar, a professor of political science.

In a deposition made public by the Brookings Register Nov. 13, Phelps said the column about Munsterman was actually written by Aguiar, despite Phelps’ name on the piece.

According to court documents, when questioned by the doctors’ attorney, Phelps told of the Aguiar connection:

“Phelps: . . . I submitted it as Gary wrote it.

Question: Excuse me. Mr. Aguiar wrote the article?

Phelps: It was submitted to me by Gary Aguiar. I would assume he’s the primary author.”

Also in the deposition, Phelps said he put his name on the column to help out Aguiar’s political effort.

Munsterman went on the win the election over Aguiar and two other candidates.

During the mayoral election, several students accused the political science professor candidate of using students to create his campaign plan.

Administration officials later confirmed an informal investigation was in progress.

There has since been no word on the results of the investigation, but Aguiar continues his work as a professor.

Phelps refused to comment. Munsterman and Aguiar did not return phone calls.

Phelps has asked the judge to dismiss the case. A hearing on the request is set for Nov. 27.