North Dakota awaits Jackrabbit fans who want to ride the bus

Brian Kimmes

Brian Kimmes

In order to generate a more SDSU-friendly atmosphere in the Fargodome, the SDSU Students’ Association, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Engaged are sponsoring a fan bus for the SDSU versus North Dakota State Football game Nov. 18.

“The Fargodome is pretty crazy. Our hope is to bring SDSU students up there to bring some SDSU environment and spirit,” said SA state and local chair Mitch Fargen.

SA President Alex Halbach approached President Miller about providing funds for the busses to reduce the student cost, and she was willing to help out.

“The students have been so supportive of the athletes that I thought it was a good idea to give them a chance to go to what looks like will be the championship game for our first conference championship in D-I. When the SA needed help to make it affordable, I wanted to help them,” Miller said.

The football game is shaping up to be one of the biggest games in SDSU history. If the Jackrabbits defeat the University of Southern Utah on Nov. 11, SDSU will be playing for their first conference championship since 1963.

“Since this game could possibly be for the conference championship, we thought it was important to get a solid study representation in Fargo,” Fargen said. “It should be one hell of a game.”

In addition to a potential conference championship on the line, the Dakota Marker is up for grabs. SDSU dramatically won the initial Dakota Marker battle two years ago, but NDSU captured the Marker last season.

“We want to take our Dakota Marker back,” Fargen said.

With so much on the line, Miller feels it is important to have as many SDSU fans rooting for the Jacks as possible.

“Sometimes, loyal fans can make a great deal of difference when a team is playing for a championship in a hostile arena,” she said.

The busses traveling to Fargo are coach busses, with room for 112 students total.

“I feel we should get all 112 seats filled,” Fargen said.

SA administrative assistant Stephanie Chase said the trip to and from Fargo “will be a cush ride.”

Because the Jackrabbits have not won a conference championship since 1963 and SA is providing cheap transportation, Fargen believes students have great incentives to travel to Fargo and cheer on the Jackrabbits.

The tickets are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Each ticket costs $20, which includes transportation and general admission seating at the game. Students can sign up for the bus in the SA office, 140A, in The Union. Students must pay when they sign up, and fans must be signed up by Wednesday, Nov. 15.

Fargen said the seats are in the upper deck, above the end zone. He said the seats are better than the designated SDSU section.

The fan bus loads at 1 p.m. at The Union. The bus departs back to Brookings approximately 30 minutes after the game ends in Fargo.