Letter to the Editor: Parade Policy-Right to Life


I would like to thank the organizers of the Hobo Day parade. We put them in an awkward position. The Brookings Right to Life brought a float to the parade but were banned from using voting signs. A yellow pickup barricaded our path. The organizers worked out a compromise. They papered over the words Right to Life (in red) and leaving the words – Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness (in blue) and then let us proceed. It was not a red-lettered day for us, we went along blue in our liberty and pursuit of happiness. It seems the policy was a little restrictive stopping us from showing our support for the civil rights of the unborn, the civil right to life which the unborn enjoyed or centuries before 1973. It was a nice parade and we enjoyed it.

Tom Klostermanmember, Brookings Right to Life